Men’s Sheds receives quite a lot of national and local TV coverage.

Here’s a few that we’ve caught.

ITV Channel Television reporting on Men's Shed, Guernsey following the first lockdown. Oct 2020

"Helping men bond over DIY projects in a way other services can't quite cut through."

An ITV Channel Television report on the launch of our Men's Shed in Guernsey. Nov 2019

"They're all very friendly people… they welcome you with a cup of coffee and a bacon sandwich…"

An excellent piece by the BBC Countryfile programme on a Men's Shed in the Cotswolds.

"You don't have to be handy with a drill to come here"

Channel 5 News — Male loneliness: Britain's 'silent epidemic'

"A place where men can de-stress, unwind and make stuff"

Channel 5 News — Loneliness

"An estimated 8 million men in the UK feel lonely at least once a week."