Le Grand Courtil

Since September 2017 we have been undertaking an outreach project at Le Grand Courtil, St Martins — a centre for supported living.  It is home to around 120 tenants, of all ages, with physical and mental difficulties including dementia.  The 6 week pilot was funded by HSC (Guernsey's Health and Social Care department) then sustained by Pargiter Trust and the Men's Shed.

The idea is to take the Men's Shed to guys, who for many reasons can't get to the main Shed in St Peters.

We've engaged in a wide variety of projects from wooden lap-trays to rolling-ball games for the Russels Day Centre.  Our highlight has been the building of a traditional market barrow for Olive who runs a weekly occasional shop for the tenants.

The aim is to increase engagement between tenants and reduce isolation whilst also improving lives through purposeful activity and introducing people from the community into Le Grand Courtil.

One key signature of all of our sessions is laughter!